Salem Family BBQ!

Sunday, July 1 after morning worship

Bible Study Groups are asked to bring the following food items:

Greeters - Kids' Drinks

Rick Beeler's Class - Canned Drinks

Steve Cash's Class - Pasta Salad

Bill Crisp's Class - Baked Beans

JoAnn Freshour's Class - Desserts

Lee George's Class - Desserts

Lonnie McNorrill's Class - Desserts

Danny Goins' Class (College/Career) - Chips

Chris Henry's Class - Hot Dogs & Buns

John Holland's Class - Potato Salad

Allen James' Class - Slaw

Joshua Kenna's Class - Slaw

Debbie Lane & Mary Liles' Class - Desserts

Russell Liles' Class - Pasta Salad

Linda Stephens' Class - Baked Beans

Hugh Wolfe's Class - Watermelon & Chips

If you are not currently involved in a Bible Study Group and will be attending the BBQ, please bring one or more of the items listed above!