Salem Family BBQ!

Sunday, JUNE 30 after morning worship


Come early for CARS + Coffee - 8-9am

Connect Groups are asked to bring the following food items:

Adult 1 Women (JoAnn Freshour) - Chips

Adult 2 Coed (Bill Crisp) - Desserts

Adult 2 Men (Hugh Wolfe) - Watermelon & Bottled Water

Adult 3 Men (Steve Cash) - Potato Salad

All Comers (John Holland) - Desserts

Blended Hearts (Russell Liles) - Cole Slaw

Esther Class (Lee George) - Desserts

Families with Elementary (Kenna) - Cole Slaw

Families with High School (Davis) - Baked Beans

Families with High School (Vass) - Baked Beans

Families with Middle School (Bland) - Baked Beans

Families with Pre-First Graders (Woodall) - Cole Slaw

General Officers/Ministers - Kids’ Drinks

Hearts & Hands (Mary Liles) - Desserts

Adult 4 (Jay Underwood) - Pasta Salad

Median Adults (Lonnie McNorrill) - Canned Drinks

Median Adults (Rick Beeler) - Desserts

Median Adults (Chris Henry) - Hot Dogs & Buns

Young Singles - Chips

If you work in Kids Ministry or Student Ministry during First Hour, please bring Baked Beans.

If you are not currently involved in a Connect Group and will be attending the BBQ, please bring one or more of the items listed above!